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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Open Back, Crisscross Tee; DIY

Here is another easy shirt  for you to make in less than 5 minutes.
Today marks day 40 of the 90 day challenge that I set up for myself.
Hows it going?,  in one word, Super!
Right now I seem to be on auto pilot. Which means even if I wanted to I couldn't talk myself out of doing it.  Even the possibility of being sick hasn't  swayed me.  I have developed a slight chest cold, which is the first chest cold I have ever had in the fifty years I have spent on this planet. It seems to be lingering longer than I think it should  so I have been going to bed super early to help my body fight it.  I have great confidence that  by next week I will be back to normal.:)

This shirt is really simple to make and now I want to make one in every color :|
I wore it today walking the lake and it performed spectacularly as well.
I hope you enjoy.XXOO

Things You  Need

  • T-shirt
  • Scissors
  • Chalk

  • Mark the Sleeves with chalk.
  • Cut the Sleeves where you marked.
  • Mark and cut the bottom of the shirt.
  • Mark around the collar and down the middle of the back of the shirt.

  • Cut the lines

  • Round off the middle section of the cut.

  • Trim the top section of the strips to make them more tapered * this will make it easier to tie to the collar.

  • Crisscross the two strips then tie the two strips to the collar.

 All Done. 
Have a Beautiful Day.
More to come.



  1. I am usually not a fan of those easy cut shirts, I don't like the looks. But I am glad I took a closer look here as I really like your idea! I think I will actually do this!

  2. Very cute. Just one question, do you use your regular shirt size?

    1. Thank you. I used a Men's medium. I would normally wear a small in a men's. You can use any size you would like. Rule of thumb I go one size up from what I would normally wear.

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